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How Do I Get The Best Price For My Car?

Who doesn’t love a new car? While upgrading your car is an exciting process, selling your old car can often feel like a chore.

We're here to make selling your car simple
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Not only can you encounter unreliable buyers wanting to drive the asking price down, but you also have to fish out all the correct documentation to ensure the sale goes through. For a more convenient approach, many people prefer to sell their car to a reputable car dealership. 

We’re here to help you breeze through the selling process, so you can get the best possible pricewhen selling your car.

Can I Sell My Car If It's on Finance

You can sell a car still under finance by either settling the remaining balance or transferring the debt to the buyer. For Hire Purchase (HP) agreements, contact your finance company to get a settlement figure and pay off the amount to sell the car. For Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreements, you need to settle the outstanding balance or continue payments until you reach the required amount. Bristol Street Motors can help by paying off the finance and deducting it from the sale price.


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